Hi. I’m a 27 year old designer and developer and I live in a tiny and quiet place in Italy’s Northeast where I spend my time working on far too many side projects.

I'm currently running The Gallery, The Themes and The Beauty of Space all by myself.
I'm also the developer behind the world famous (well maybe not so world famous...yet) Visual Journal, curated by my friend Alessandro Scarpellini and I run MinimalMonday with my friend Matteo Belfiore.
Recently I joined Currl and I'll probably spend the next few months having a lot of fun designing and developing things with my friend Rob Hope.

I'm obsessed with white t-shirts, I enjoy waking up early, listening to good music, meditating and I'm trying my best to own less than 100 things.
I also speak super shitty English but at this point you might already have noticed that.

I used to do client work as well but it is a really bad habit and I'm trying to stop.
I've had the privilege to have my work featured on SiteInspire, One Page Love, Typewolf, Httpster, Web Design Served and many more.

If you want or need to contact me, well, good luck with that.
I'm usually quite unreachable but you can try in one of these places: Twitter, Behance, Dribbble, Instagram, Spotify, Email.
That's all. Have a good one, whoever you are.