Websites and other silly things

As you may or may not know, I’m a full-time freelance developer and occasionally designer. And no, I’m not a full time blogger.
Shocking I know. Below there's a list of the projects I'm actively involved with.

The Gallery

The gallery is my only personal side project left. I shut down or gave away all the others because things were getting out of control and I was dealing with way too many things. The name says everything, The Gallery is my personal gallery where I collect websites I like. If you have a website you thing is worth featuring let me know.

My only side project

Designed Space

This is really Mike's side project. He's the one behind the content and most of the design. I'm only here to create some chaos, develop random stuff, improving the overall site and make him laugh every now and then. DS is a blog about studios and spaces and you should definitely check it out.

Go read this blog


You probably know Mimo already. The site has been around for years now and I'm currently helping Carl with the site. We're working on a bunch of different things to make the site even better. I'm not involved with the content in any way, shape or form, but I'm glad I can give my help. Carl is an overall nice guy and I'm happy to help him out.

You probably know this one already

And that's it. I have a bunch of ideas I'm trying to figure out if are worth pursuing.

I'll make sure to update this list if I start everything new.