If you're browsing this page it means you probably wish to know more about me. Wish granted.

TLDR for the impatient people

Manuel Moreale, you can call me Manu. Freelance developer and designer since late 2011. Born and raised in Italy since 1989. Writing on this blog since 2017. Email me at hello@manuelmoreale.com.

Me and Haru, Summer 2023

Extended Bio

Born in North-East Italy on July 6, 1989. That's 6/7/89 if you write dates like a sane person. Went through school years doing the bare minimum to be above average and spent way too much time playing both video games and basketball. After High School I tried to study architecture and quickly realised university wasn't for me. Dropped out, went on to study graphic design and a bit of web dev. Ended up loving the web part and I taught myself through trial and error how to code websites.

I started working solo in 2011. Never had an actual job, never worked 9 to 5, never had a salary, never took a paid vacation. I have no idea what the typical job world looks like.

I still live in Italy, hate cities, love nature. I'd love to buy a piece of forest at some point and move there. Hopefully I'll be able to afford it in the future.

Single (?), stopped dating years ago. I'm, way too unpredictable and too odd to get into a relationship—maybe?—and I'm also not really interested in getting into one—or into another one? Never been interested in having a family, don't plan to have one—yet.

On the Web

I retired from traditional social media years ago and with the rise of AI created content and all sorts of other fuckery I doubt you'll see me interacting on platforms outside of my site and my email. That said though, I do have a profile on read.cv. Also taking care of the web needs of minimalissimo.com.

I'm trying to get back into reading more books. If you want to check what I'm currently reading and what I've read in the past you can visit my profile on Literal.

I also have the first and only weather and location dependent newsletter. Every now and then I send a newsletter from the top of a mountain. Usually it's the same mountain but I may or may not send newsletters from other mountains (or very tall hills).


As I said many times and stated here explicitly, I love to connect with people. If you want to say hi or have something you want to share with me you can use my email. I'm also on the Apple ecosystem, so if you want to chat you can reach me using that same email address.

Anything else?

If there's anything else you want to know about me or what I do just send me an email and ask.