Freelance web developer since 2012, blogger since 2017, alive since 1989. I'm passionate about minimalism, both digital and physical, the intersection between physical and digital life, walking, and connecting with people. I quit social media years ago and the only place you can find me on the web is this site. You can also find me in person if you're determined enough.

Side Projects

I like to collect interesting websites on my thegallery.io and since 2015 I collected thousands. I sometimes share my attempts at capturing moments in time moments.manuelmoreale.com. I occasionally list minimal items on mnmll.ist. Every now and then I send a newsletter from the top of a mountain I already hiked more times than I can remember.


If you like what I do online and feel generous you can support my work on Donorbox.


As stated here I really love to connect with people. If you want to get in touch you can use my work email hello@manuelmoreale.com. I also happen to be a Mac user and that same address can be used to reach out via Messages. I also have a private Slack. If you want to get invited to hang out there, send me an email and I'll send back an invite.

Friends of the site

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