Alessandro Scarpellini

Quick summary before we get lost: this is Ale’s new portfolio. It’s a static html website, no fancy frameworks or technology. It’s just a bunch of css and some lines of js. Font is Sporting Grotesque, hosted on Digital Ocean, domain served by Hover.

A brief history of portfolios

My history with Ale and his portfolios goes a long way. I still remember the first one I coded for him. Which thanks to the power of the mighty wayback machine I can show you.

I remember this one as if it was yesterday

Back then I simply made his old website responsive so it wasn’t really a new portfolio. But that didn’t last long. One thing you should know about Ale is that he absolutely loves to change his portfolio. A lot.

Which is why that portfolio didn’t last long and in the following 5 years we have designed more than a few variations of his site. I’m not gonna mention all of them here, those deserve a separate post which will happen at some point.

The current website

Every time Ale asks me to make him a new portfolio I start to cry inside. I can feel the pain coming... Just kidding Ale. You know it’s always fun to work on these. Especially because now are super simple and I can code them in a day.

New font wow

First shocking thing is the new font. That was unexpected. Sporting is unusual, with those weirdly shaped “a”. Probably not a font you want to sue for long texts but works magnificently for a site like this one.

Colors are black and white. That wasn’t shocking at all. As for the animations, those are a nice little touch. I’m not a massive fan of animations in general but in this case they work well.

There’s not much else to say about the intro and the links section. They’re quite minimal as you can see and there isn’t anything fancy going on. What was interesting though, it’s the new portfolio part.

New life, new portfolio style

As you may or may not know, Ale’s no longer a freelancer. Which also means that he no longer needs a full portfolio online. That’s why he decided to not have a traditional projects section and instead adopt this showreel approach. This is clearly not the best way to show people what you do but it’s a nice solution if you only want to give them a glimpse of the kind of work you produce.

An that’s pretty much it

So that’s Ale new website. If you have something nice to say about it, please send me an email. If you don’t like it and you think it’s trash then please get in touch with Ale. Almost forgot, the site is