Algorithmic nonsense

I was catching up with some tech/web news earlier today and stumbled on a post about the Instagram redesign (which is apparently now focused on videos). I don't use Instagram or pretty much any other traditional social network, so I don't really know what's going on there. But one thing I am noticing more and more is some sense of tiredness when it comes to algorithmic curation. Maybe it's just my tech bubble that is surfacing this, I’m not too sure. But I am noticing more and more people ranting about how awful all this curation has become recently.

From clouded Google search results, to Instagram not showing the content from people you actually follow and YouTube recommending some godawful video from 8 years ago that has nothing to do with what you're interested in. If that's how you’re experiencing the web I strongly believe the solution is a two step process:

That's it. I'm personally using Reeder on both Mac and iPhone and the two are synced over iCloud but you can use one of the countless other apps or web apps available. What's great about consuming content through RSS is that it's chronological. There's no bullshit algorithm involved, no suggested content, no distraction. It's just the content you want to consume refreshed at your own pace.

Where do you go from here?

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