An update on side projects

House cleaning post about the current situation of my side projects for those who are interested.

First, my Moments in time, is going to be retired. Not because I don't like it or because I don't want to share pictures here and there but because I realised it made no sense to have a separate site just for that. You might have already noticed that I started posting pictures here on my blog and that is how it's going to be moving forward. I'm going to archive the site but I created a public iCloud album with all the pictures that were up on the site.

Next, The Gallery. I started that site way back in 2014 and at the time I was all about collecting inspiration and doing web design. Life changed quite a bit in the last 7 years. I realised I'm only keeping the site up to date because of inertia and because it doesn't take too much of my time but I think it's time to let the site go and focus on something else. Now, I considered the possibility of selling the site to someone but I don't see the point in doing that and so the plan is to keep posting until I reach 3500 total websites—currently sitting at 3159—and then archive it. It's going to take me maybe a year or so to reach 3500 so until then, if you have a nice site, send me an email.

Brief update on The Gallery. There has been a slight change of plan. I'm no longer targeting 3500 websites but the site will be archived on February 20th, 2022. Why that date? Because the first post officially went live on the same date, back in 2015 and so it seems a good idea to also close down the site the same day. I am also going to disable my email that day which means you have a few more months to get your site in if you're interested.

Last but not least, a quick update on a side project that's not really mine but I was somewhat involved with it so it's worth talking about: the new Minimalissimo book has been printed and it's a beauty. The copies are limited and it's a single edition so if you're into minimal design and architecture and want a copy go get one.

Where do you go from here?

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