Another year of living without

More than 5 years ago (!) I experimented with a year of living without and since 2023 is almost here I think it's time to do it again but with a twist. This time, I plan to actually go an entire year without something. Well, kind of. You see, over the past few months I noticed that my mind is getting increasingly distracted and that has a cascade effect on many other aspects of my life. And what is causing all these problems is the internet. Now, I don't plan to go a year without internet since that's impossible considering the work I do but I do plan to go a year without consuming internet related entertainment. So no mindless browsing out of boredom, no YouTube videos, no random scrolling on Reddit. I also plan to stop listening to all non valuable podcasts. Which to me means no more sport related podcasts. I'll only keep listening to two podcasts and only if the guest is really interesting and the topic is valuable. The only exception to this rule is to consume content that is directly sent to me because if a friend sends me something I don't want to be a jerk and say "sorry I can't watch it because I have this weird self imposed rule". The newly acquired free time is going to be spent either reading books, meditating or working on side projects.

Where do you go from here?

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