I believe we should all blog more and connect more with strangers. There's not much I can do as an individual. I can offer to be your first reader, and I can give some advice on blogging in general. I can also help you going online, if you want. Other than that, the only other thing I can do is help spread the word about all the other marvelous blogs that are available out there. If you have a blog, a personal one, and want to be listed here, get in touch.


These are all blogs from people I known for a long time and I met in person at least once.

Blogs I like

These are all sites I like because of the content, the topics, the writing style, the site itself or other reasons. They're in no particular order.

"I'll read it" people

These are blogs I received because of my offer to be the first reader of someone else's blog. I'm sure there's a bunch missing so if yours isn't in here don't take it personally. It's just hard to find stuff in my inbox.

Other blogs

These are other blogs I stumbled uppon in various ways. Some were in my server logs, some are from people who emailed, and some are just blogs I found while surfing around.

Everything else

And finally these are sites I just enjoy browsing