Looking for something to read?

My relationship with books is a weird one. I’m not a crazy reader, I don’t read tons of books especially because I don’t read fiction. I think I read less than 5 fiction books in my entire life (I’m 28 btw). I tend to read mostly about psychology and philosophy, and if you want a nice list of books I read in the past few years or so you can go to my Goodreads profile. I don’t really have a way to chose what to read next, most of the time I discover books randomly through podcasts, videos or blog posts.

Right now I’m going through “Scale: The Universal Laws of Life and Death in Organisms, Cities and Companies” by Geoffrey West and is a really fascinating book. Growth is a topic that is buzzing in my mind a lot lately and I’ll probably write a few lines about it.

I’m open to suggestions about what to read next so if you have a book you think I should read let me know. Also happy to discuss books in general so if that’s a topic of interest to you feel free to get in touch.