Carl has a new blog

I made my own blog. I designed it and coded it. I didn't make the CMS, since it runs on Kirby but I did everything else. I love making blogs. I love making sites for people that will care about said sites and will actually use them. Which is why I was super happy to help Carl with his new blog. He's a designer but knows his way around code. He could have coded the site himself but he doesn't use Kirby daily like I do and since I know he's a very busy guy between running Mimo, taking care of the cats, climbing, and running all the other projects I volunteered to code it for him. And since I couldn't resist the temptation I ended up changing his design because that's how I roll. He sketched out the design for the new site in Figma and that is exactly what I coded at first.

This is where we started…

But as I was coding it I couldn't stop thinking that this wasn't minimal enough and so I "designed" a new version. And when I say designed what I mean is this:

Yes this is actually how I design websites

That is it. That is the entire design for the new site and with that incredibly detailed guideline, I coded the rest of the site which, if you ask me, looks amazing. I'm very happy with the final result because it's minimal but has character.

Make sure to give Carl's blog a follow and let me know if you want me to make you a blog.

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