Criticising is the easy part

Politics, in general, are not my thing. I don't like to follow politics and I'm not actively involved in it. That said, I do enjoy reading news and discussions when politics and technology are both involved. I especially enjoy reading people's perspectives on these topics. One thing I'm noticing more and more though, is that most people are quick to point out what's wrong about something, but almost never offer solutions or alternatives.

And that is because complaining or pointing fingers is the easy part. Figuring out alternatives is hard and it's especially hard because it forces me into the uncomfortable position of getting criticised by others. If I just complain, it's easier for me to find a consensus.

It's also very easy to find consensus when I ignore the details. And details, are tricky. Especially in politics. Want an example? Let's pick a topic that is not controversial at all: abortion.

Most debates around the subject usually try to divide people into two camps: pro-life or pro-choice. That is technically fine, but is also completely pointless because those two camps leave out all the important details.

And here there are A LOT of details that need to be discussed. Pro-life? Cool. Are there any acceptable exceptions? Who takes care of the baby if it's an unwanted pregnancy? What do we do if the life of the mother is in danger? What do we do if there are medical complications to the foetus? Pro-choice? Again, are there acceptable exceptions? Is there a point during the pregnancy when it's no longer acceptable to abort? Are all reasons considered valid?

And the list goes on and on and on. And if we have to legislate a topic like this, those questions need to be answered. And the same is true for any other topic. There's this bizarre case related to copyright and AI at the moment that is genuinely fascinating. And it's gonna be fun to see how laws will evolve and try to adapt to a fast-evolving landscape.

That said, I still find it useful to ask myself a lot of questions when I see something that looks "wrong" at first glance. Because maybe it is wrong, but it's also possible that there is no right either.

Where do you go from here?

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