A December with no wifi

It’s January 1st, December has come to an end and with it my month with no WiFi is over. I have to admit, this was an interesting experiment and it went way better than I thought. The goal was to keep my internet usage under control and not to cap the speed (which is hard considering my phone connection is way faster than my home wifi). After roughly 10 days I noticed a problem called Spotify.

I’m constantly streaming music and I hadn’t thought about that while I wrote down my challenges. I solved the problem by doing something different for the rest of the month. I downloaded an awesome app called TripMode which is a utility app you can use to block internet access to certain apps.

I then went back to my home wifi but I used TripMode as a intermediate step every time I need to connect to the internet. When I was using my phone as a hotspot, every time I need the internet I had to go and manually connect using the wifi settings on my Mac. This constant act of connecting and disconnecting was forcing me to be mindful about what I need to achieve online and that was the whole purpose of this monthly challenge. TripMode also has a counter so I could keep my total internet usage under control and stay below the 10GB I have available on my phone. I finished the month using roughly 8GB (Spotify excluded) so it was a success.

Now it’s time to move to the next challenge, not using my mac (and probably my phone as well) in the morning. I’m gonna replace that time with more reading and meditation. This is going to be fun. And yes, I’m writing this in the afternoon.

Where do you go from here?

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