Digital and Work Setup

Personally I am not that interested in writing about the apps I use or my digital setup. Most of the posts I wrote in the past were the result of people asking me to write about that specific topic whether is my weird minimal email setup or my minimal iPhone (which is still a work in progress and yes, I still hate you phone).

This post is not different. Someone asked me what my digital setup looks like so here we go.


My primary and only work machine is an early 2015 13inch MacBook Pro usually attached to a a 29 ultra wide Dell Monitor. I type on the built in Mac keyboard and I use primarily a Magic Mouse. I have two 1TB WD My Passport Ultra external Hard Disks I use to back up my machine and a pair of AKG K545 headphones. Also have an iPhone 6s with a broken screen and an iPad Air 2. That's pretty much it when it comes to tech hardware.

This is how it looks


As for the software, I don't have that many apps I use on a daily basis. If we exclude all the crap that comes pre-installed on the Mac this is what I use. I'm gonna group these by topic. When it comes to development this is what I use:

That's basically all I use for work. I occasionally use the terminal app if I need to do something specific but 90% of my time is spent on those apps. When it comes to design I use Sketch but if I have to be honest my design are done with pen and paper and then code and the browser. I don't even remember the last time I made a full design on sketch.

As for other apps, I use iA Writer to write my blog posts and Numi is my go to calculator. I can't live without Alfred, 1Password and Spotify, and I use Apple Mail to handle all my email accounts. Other apps I use occasionally are Sip, SkyFont and ImageOptim.

That's all I have on my Mac right now.

Online Services

When it comes to services, I try to keep things as simple as possible. I have a subscriptions for webfonts and I use a combination of, DigitalOcean, RunCloud and Google Suite for domains, hosting and emails. Only subscription I currently have that is not strictly work related is spotify.

And that's it. If you have questions let me know.