Digital Hermit

Don't know about you but I'm reaching peak levels of digital tiredness. Tired of the rhythm of digital communications, tired of all these chat apps, tired of websites with annoying "how can I help you" pop up messages. Stay out of my way, that's what you can do to help me, silly bot. I just opened this page, give me a damn second to see what's in here before asking me if I need help.

I'm slowly realising that in this digital age we live in, emails are probably the last safe space we still own. If we're careful with how we use them.

And that's why I decided to get a new email for myself. I'm not going to make it public here for obvious reasons but I am going to code something that will hopefully help me connect with people in a more meaningful way.

Because I don't want to become a proper hermit, completely isolated from the world. I love to interact with strangers, especially the ones who spend time reading what I post here on this weird blog of mine.

I really hope you're having a great beginning of 2019.

Where do you go from here?

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