Do not disturb

Yesterday I came across this article “Put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode forever” and the only thing I could do while I was reading it was smile. The article is quite reasonable, having your phone constantly in DND mode is a great idea IF you’re in the position to do that. Not everyone has the luxury to ignore his or her phone and email for hours. Some people must be reachable for a bunch of differente reasons and that’s ok. But if you can, then do it.

The reason why I was smiling, is because my phone has been in DND for the past 2 years. And not only that, it’a also on silent and almost all apps have notifications disabled. And I don’t have many apps to begin with. There’s no email on my phone and no social media. So once you reach that point, your phone can’t possibly be a distraction because there’s nothing in there. And that’s great.

I also LOVE that the author consider the options of shutting down all push notifications the “nuclear option”. That made me laugh quite a bit. So there, go read the article, it’s a quick read and a fun one. And try the experiment if you’re one of those people who is constantly dealing with hundreds of notifications.

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