My February without music and podcasts

February is over. Winter’s still here and there’s still snow outside. Can we get some spring already? This month was a total success. Did I fail? Yes. Big time.

I managed to go without podcasts, that wasn’t too hard. I didn’t feel the slightest temptation to even check if there were new episodes to listen to. What surprised me was how hard it is to live and work without music. That was really unexpected. I was discussing this with my friend Carl a few days ago and as I said to him, I can probably go without music easily during the summer when I can spend more time outside doing stuff. But in February, when most of my time is spent inside, in front of my computer it’s really tough. Particularly hard because not much is going on outside since we’re in the middle of winter and nature is still at sleep.

Anyway, very interesting experiment, glad I did it. Next up is my month with no sweets, cookies and cakes.