Find something that works for you

3 weeks have passed since I started to read in a more systematic way but I have already learned an important lesson about how my brain works and how I can improve myself.

Two lessons actually.

Small chunks are easier to handle and you need to find what works best for you and you only.

I’m not gonna try to argue in favor of my current approach because, well because it’s MY approach. Works for me and this is the only thing that matters.

I realized in this past three weeks that if I’m facing one big task such as reading an entire book or code a site, I tend to go all over the place and my mind finds all the possible ways to get distracted in order to avoid the task. But if instead I divide the task into small chunks I can easily tackle each and every one of them quite easily.

With the current book I know that if I read 9 pages every morning, afternoon and evening I’ll be done by the end of the week. 9 pages are nothing if you think about it.

Also by doing this I keep my brain in a constant state of having accomplished something which is good because this way I feel great and I get the extra motivation needed to keep going and maybe do some extra work.

So if you’re like me and you’re in a constant struggle to find the motivation to do what you need to do maybe you can give this technique a try.


Managed to read the 3rd book of the year. Really happy about this new reading habit. Another tough week for my early wake up. Need to tweak some knob and see if I can fix it.


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