Friends' Projects

If there's one thing I love to do is to support and help friends—and strangers—with their projects. Sometimes what they need is for me to code something, sometimes is simple feedback and other times is help to promote something. So let's do that, shall we?

Minimalissimo Membership

When he's not busy eating god knows what, my friend Carl is always pushing content out on Minimalissimo. Recently I helped him launch the Minimalissimo Membership. The goal is to slowly move away from the traditional advertising/sponsorship model and build a dedicated audience that cares about minimalism in design. He has some exciting plans for the membership so definitely check it out if you're passionate about minimalism.

Inside Minimalism Vol.1

Another thing Carl has managed to ship is the Inside Minimalism Volume 1. Inside Minimalism is the premium newsletter by Minimalism Life and the book is a collection of 50 short essays on the topic of simple living. It's available on the Minimalissimo Shop and on Amazon as an eBook and will hopefully be available as a physical book in the not too distant future.

100 Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook

Last but not least, another book. This one is from my dear friend Rob. What started out as a Twitter thread has now become an ebook, a site, an audiobook, a course and if you wait long enough will probably become a web seminar, a convention and who knows what else. Anyway, the book is currently in pre-sale and you can either grab a copy at full price (49$) or use the Pre-Order Special and get 20$ off. Why should you buy it at full price when a discounted version is available? Who knows. Some people are weird and like to pay more to support small creators.

Be kind

We're all so caught up in the hustle that we tend to forget about friends and strangers. If you find creators out there that are doing something valuable, remember to tell people about it. Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing available, and kindness from strangers is always very much appreciated.