Greed is ruining the web

​​I was reading an article a couple of hours ago and in the first 30 lines the author managed to remind me that yes, he runs a membership program, that yes, the program is awesome and I should subscribe to it, and that yes, there's also a newsletter that is also awesome and I should subscribe to that as well.

This is happening on every, single, post. Don't get me wrong, I get it. I know why this is happening, I know why people do this. I've been running side projects for years and I helped friends run their side projects for almost as long. Side projects are mostly a product of love and earning a living out of them is extremely challenging.

​​And I have nothing against people that monetise side projects. I think it's great that we live in a time where this is a possibility. But I also think this is slowly killing most of the great content on the web. As soon as someone finds a niche that "works" they stop exploring and they start digging as deep as possible into this one single thing that works. And by works I mean it makes money. But making money is not the same as creating good content.

​​The opposite seems to be true more often than not. Great content usually lives in odd corners of the web, seen only by a few people a year, created because someone was passionate about something. It will not generate money, it will not make someone famous. And that's OK.

​​I think way too many people nowadays approach the web with a financial mindset. To create something that will eventually generate money. And that's just sad.