Here we go again

The year is about to end. The decade is about to end. And you know what else is about to end? The WordPress installation that powers In fact, that installation is basically gone already since the new site is now live. That is unless I screw up something and I take down the server in the meantime. That wouldn't be the first time.

This is the second Minimalissimo website I coded in collaboration with Carl and it's always a fun process but hopefully, I won't have to do this again for another year or two. This version 5 was exhausting.

This was quite the project but I'm pleased with the result. We—Commander Carl and I—decided to move away from WP and port everything on Kirby. And in the process, we made substantial changes to the site. 10 years worth of content has been archived, gone are some of the old categories and the site is now more focused on the topics of Architecture and Interior Design.

The new moods section is quite fun

More focus has also been put on the editorial aspect of the site. Articles are now longer and more structured, with a mix of images and text. We also created a new Moods section, a fun addition to the site that allows for more exploration and experimentation.

I'm not going to discuss the technical aspects of the new site. Those are boring. If you want to know more about it just send me an email and I'll be happy to chat with you. And I'm sure you'll find bugs. And missing pages. And broken links. That's ok, we're working on that.

Where do you go from here?

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