Human curation

For almost 7 years I curated a website gallery. It was fun and rewarding. It was also something useful for me at the time and also useful for countless others. I find curated directories to be of great value, no matter the context. There is value in knowing that there's someone I can trust out there when it comes to something. If you're into minimalism you know you can trust Carl to publish something great on The man is on a mission and trust me when I say that he's very picky when it comes to what goes up on the site. Which is a good thing. You want that level of attention to details in a curated directory. Because as soon as you start compromising on the quality of the content, the value of the directory as a whole goes to shit.

I stopped curating my partly because it was no longer all that useful to me personally, but also because there are plenty of alternatives out there with great curation:,, to name a few. And that's great because I know I can now trust those galleries and don't worry about collecting the content myself. It also means I have time to curate something else, like the newly relaunched

Curation is important and it's gonna be even more important with the rise of AI generated crap content. I want a human in the loop with good taste and good judgment to curate good content for me. A human I can trust.

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