I don't know how to browse the internet anymore

Not technically of course. I know how to browse the internet. I have nine different browsers installed on this machine so browsing is not the difficult part. What's getting harder is finding worth reading material. Which might sound a bit odd considering there's probably six hundred billion new posts/tweet/photos/video posted every two nanoseconds. And yet, here I am. The "issue" I'm facing is my unwillingness to give my attention to social media. I refuse to accept a world where I must browse Twitter or Reddit to find content worth consuming. Maybe it's time to step up my RSS game and simply grow my reading list there. That seems like the only alternative. Or maybe I am missing something. How do you browse the internet? Honest question. I want to know so please get in touch and tell me how do you find worth reading content without relying on social media. Because right now it looks like an almost impossible task. Everything is funnelled either through newsletters or through social media channels.

And that's the perfect segue to remind you you can follow me on... just kidding. My content is not time-sensitive so you can just open this site once a year and catch up with what I wrote. That's probably the healthiest approach. I even feel bad letting people know I have a newsletter I send out very sporadically. That's an inner conflict I'll write about in the future.