Ignore the numbers

Yesterday I came across this article from Khoi Vinh in which he referenced and old article of his as well as this longer article (essay?) from the UX Collective. Both very interesting read, I definitely recommend you reading both if you’re into the topic. Anyway I was thinking about the outlined problem and I still think that people should simply stop caring about stats and numbers. I’m talking about stats and numbers in general: the likes, page views, subscriptions to your newsletter, claps, retweets, whatever. If you write for the claps, you’ll be slowly pushed towards writing “claps worthy” articles and that may or may not be what you’re really interested in. Maybe you want to explore other topics but those don’t generate enough traffic and you let them go and that’s stupid. This won’t happen if you simply stop caring about metrics. Write whatever you like, explore topics, wonder around and get lost in thoughts. Who cares. Maybe that weird and out of place article will be extremely helpful to a small number of people. Who knows.

I personally still don’t know if people are reading these posts. And I don’t really care. This site/blog/thing is a weird mess of different topics and content and that’s great. Because that’s me, that's who I am.

Where do you go from here?

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