Lists are hard

Yesterday I stumbled on this list of PS4 games by Kotaku and I was discussing it with Mike. The TLDR of his opinion is that that list is a bad list and I agree. I'm not saying that those are bad games, I'm saying that they left out a lot of good ones. And before you say it, yes, I am aware that that's a constantly updated list and they try to keep it fresh. I don't really have a problem with that. I do have a problem with lists in general though.

My issue with lists

My issue with lists is that we all see things from our perspective and it's hard to make a list of this kind in a way that's not opinionated. Because these are opinions after all. You can't have a "the best of" list that's objective. It just not going to happen.

Lists like these should come with a warning label. You should let everyone know what angle you're coming from. Because based on that I can decide if your list is worth reading. I, for example, like games with a story and I have no interest whatsoever for competitive multiplayer games. But that's just me. My list would probably include a game like Firewatch and not Fortnite.

This is a problem with opinions in general. When you write about a subject, any subject, who you are matters because it's the key one need to use to interpret that particular opinion. Opinions don't live in a vacuum.

That said, do you have a good game to suggest? I'm always looking for interesting new things to play, especially if they have great stories and visuals.