​​Life, for the most part, is not meant to be lived alone. Almost all of us are surrounded by people with whom we have relationships of all sorts: parents, relatives, siblings, friends, colleagues, spouses, acquaintances. The list is endless. And in today’s digital age we also have online friends and followers and who knows what else. And yet, despite all that, for certain things, we are alone. There’s just no way around it. At a fundamental level, it’s just us and our minds and our inner demons. And yes, we can seek help and find comfort in other people. We can share, we can talk, we can analyze our minds. But at a certain point, it’s just me and you and whatever runs through our minds. And we’re alone in that. There’s no one keeping us company in those moments. There are tools at our disposal to make the process easier or more manageable; we can meditate, we can write, we can use chemicals. But this doesn’t change the fact that in certain moments we’re truly alone.

​​Now, this might sound depressing, but to me it isn’t. It’s just life. It is what it is, it doesn’t have a connotation. It’s just important for me to have this concept always clear in my head, which is why I’m writing this. It’s mostly a reminder for myself not to forget this fundamental aspect of life.

​​Sometimes, we are alone, and that’s OK.

Where do you go from here?

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