Low tech solutions

It's not a mystery that I have a love hate relationship with technology. On one side I love tech in all its shapes and forms. I work in the tech world since I make sites for a living and I use tech pretty much everyday. On the other, I currently hate my life because I find that technology has permeated pretty much every corner of it.

No need to say that that's no healthy and it's something I am a bit worried about. What sucks about this is that technology is very convenient. Probably too much. We just get used to it and accept it without asking too many questions.

But then I thought: what if I flip this and use it to my advantage? What if I structure my life around tools and forms of communications that are not convenient to use? What would happen if my phone only had access to a 56k internet connection? What would happen if I only used SMS and Emails instead of Slack/WhatsApp/Telegram/Whatever?

What if my phone didn't have access to the internet at all? Or what if I didn't have a browser on the phone? And no apps other than my music? I think this is something I'm going to experiment.