Manu's guide to minimalism

I need to put my mind into something. I found myself to be very distracted recently and I need to focus my energies and attention on something that's not work-related (because that's already taking a toll on me). That's why I decided to start working on something I'm gonna call "Manu's Guide To Minimalism", a series of posts I'll be posting on this blog in the upcoming weeks.

The name of this is very tongue in cheek, but the content is going to be "serious". Now you might be wondering why should you be interested in reading a guide on minimalism written by me, a Mr no-one. And the answer is: the hell do I know.

There sure are people that have written about the same topic in the past and are better writers than me (not that hard) but it's always nice to have a different perspective on things which is why I'm going to write it anyway.

But seriously, go read Zenhabits or The Minimalists or BecomingMinimalist if you're after a more mainstream or traditional type of content. Mine is going to be all over the place but will also be somewhat useful to somebody else other than me.

My guide is now complete. Links to the chapters are down below.

Where do you go from here?

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