My March with no sweets, cookies and cakes

April fools everyone! It’s April 1st and it’s time to recap my March with no sweets. It went fairly well, I managed to stay away from them for the most part and it wasn’t really that hard. That was a bit surprising, I thought it would have been harder to keep my desire for sweets under control but it wasn’t really that hard. There has been only a couple of occasions where I really wanted to eat something sweet but other than that it was a pretty normal month. I’ll probably keep this low sweets diet as a part of my life.

Coming up next is my April with no Internet (except for work related stuff) which you could say I already failed since it’s April and I’m writing this post that’s not work related. Don’t expect any new post on this blog during April. And unless my brother decides to do that for me, don’t expect new posts published on The Gallery either. See you in a couple of weeks.

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