My “Water May”

It’s June and that means it’s time for my monthly recap. Last month was my month with water as my only beverage of choice. It went well for the most part. I scheduled this one for May because I thought that if I had to go with water only it needed to be during a month with nice and hot weather. Because you can’t function properly during the winter without a hot beverage in the morning. Or at least I can’t.

And the plan worked for the first couple of weeks. Drinking water in the morning for breakfast is quite weird but I got used to it pretty quickly. But then, nature got in the way. It started raining, temperatures dropped and the winter was suddenly back. I tried to resist but a couple of times I had to make myself a coffee because was a zombie and I had stuff to do.

But yeah, overall was a nice month and a good experiment. It’s quite refreshing. I don’t consume that many beverages in general, so it wasn’t super challenging. I can definitely see myself adopt a lighter version of this month in my life with coffee in the morning as the only exception.

Coming up next is month without pleasure foods. This is also going to be quite fun.