Minimalism Life

Abridged version for people in a hurry: a few hours ago I pushed live version 2 of Minimalism Life. It's a site about minimalism. I bet you didn't see that coming. I designed 5% of the site, credits for the other 95% goes to Carl. It runs on Kirby 3, site is set in TT Commons. That's it. Go check the site and have a nice day.

You still here? That's very kind of you. I assume you want to know a bit more about the site so let me tell you about it.

I can't stand WordPress anymore

Version 1 was running on WordPress. Just to be clear, I wasn't involved with the project at the time. Can't remember why though. My friend Ale designed the identity for the project and I have this vague memory of being asked to work on the site. I could be wrong though. Anyway, it ran on top of WP for 2 years and it wasn't exactly pretty.

The site was slow and the code was a mess. So when Carl asked me to work on the V2, ditching WP was an obvious choice. Coincidentally, Kirby 3 was about to come out so the timing was almost perfect.

Working with Kirby is a pleasure compared to the nightmare that is working with WP. Definitely give it a go if you're in the market for a new CMS.

A quick warning

If you're planning to move from WP to Kirby get ready to spend way too much time porting the content from one platform to the other. I spent a couple of not-so-fun hours generating all the kirby content from the xml created by the WP export tools. If I had to do it again I'd probably do this the other way around and use the WP installation to generate all the txt files and folders.