Minimalissimo Shop

The shop is live!!!! Hurrah! Honestly can’t believe it took this much time. As always, was mostly my fault because I’m a stupid mix of a developer and a tedious designer and I’m never happy with what I do. But hey, what can I do.

Version 1

This is version 1 of the official Mimo shop where you can buy a curated selection of minimal and cool objects. Right now are all made by selected brands but Carl has a ton of ideas for the future of the shop so stay tuned. Plus I want a Minimalissimo mug so...

Boring Tech Spec

Shop runs on WooCommerce. I thought about using Shopify but since this is a V1 it was easier to use Woo. But Shopify is definitely a possibility if the shop grows. As for the rest, there’s nothing fancy going on. At the end of the day it’s just a WordPress site. Colors, typography and overall style are in line with the main Minimalissimo site. Black and white, big font size, Avenir all over the place.

A personal note about shops

Shops are a ton of work. There are way too many moving parts and things you need to take care of. You probably already knew that. I didn’t. So I learned that, and that’s good. But since I was working with Carl I had a ton of fun so I can’t really complain.

Site Structure

We tried to keep the shop as simple as possible. It’s just a home, a product page, a checkout page and a couple of boring legal pages. I don’t think you can have a shop simpler than that. And that’s great, it’s perfectly in line with the Mimo philosophy.

No need to say that Carl is the guy running the show here. If you have a company and want to collaborate with the shop get in touch with him. I'm only here to provide comic relief and dev skills. Plus I'm constantly throwing ideas at Carl who'll probably nuke my home at some point. Again, if at some point in the future you'll see a Mimo mug on the shop you can thank me.

Moving forward

Who knows! I have honestly no idea what to expect next and that’s awesome. But now’s time to stop reading. Go check the site at and let me and Carl know what you think. Also let us know if you find any bug. And buy stuff. Even if you don't need anything, buy it anyway. Ok maybe not but still, go check the shop and let us know what you think.

Where do you go from here?

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