Ok this whole side projects thing is getting out of control. I said at the beginning of the year that I wasn’t going to start new side projects. And things went well for a couple of months. Then I launched TTRO and now mnmllist is online. But hey, at least I’m having fun.

A brief overview

Allow me to introduce you mnmllist, a place where you’ll find plenty of minimal things, neatly organized in lists. This time I’m not running this thing by myself, I have Carl as a partner in crime. This project went from zero to live incredibly quickly. We started chatting about the concept less than a week ago and the majority of the time was spent finding a good combination of name and domain name.

With that done, Carl sketched a quick design of what he had in mind and then I coded the first version of mnmllist which is the one you can see live.

Tech rundown

Boooooring! Ok ok, I’ll be quick: runs on Kirby, hosted, as always, on Webfaction, domain provided by Hover, font (Sofia Pro) by No JS involved, just some php and css.

Minor and fun details

The site has an awful browser compatibility. I use css grid which is not supported that well and css variables. And that’s because I like to have fun and don’t care about old browsers. If you don’t like that, feel free to leave a comment down below... Another fun fact is the color scheme. If you visited the site you may have noticed that uses a light scheme. Carl likes that and it’s the default one. But you may have also noticed that there’s a dark version in the screens here. So what’s going on? Well, they say you can’t make everyone happy but apparently sometimes you can. There’s a sneaky way to activate the dark version. If you really, really want to use that write me an email and maybe I’ll tell you. Or maybe not.

Moving forward

Now that the site is out Carl will take over and do most of the job. He’s way better at picking items that I am. I’ll probably jump in and add just a few things here and there. So if you think the curation sucks definitely blame him and not me. Blame me if you find bugs though. And let me know about them please.

You can visit the site at and there's also a Twitter account you can follow @mnmllist. The Twitter feed is completely automated so it's just another way to know when the site gets updated.

Where do you go from here?

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