My new portfolio

Coding websites is—in theory—my full-time job. And yet, as of today, I don't have a portfolio. That's the reason why weeks ago I decided to invest some of my spare time to code myself a portfolio. The current situation is forcing me to stay home so I might as well do it now. I had an idea in mind for a design. I sketched it on paper like I usually do and started coding. A few hours later It was ready.

I didn't like it. Hit Delete. Back to square one. The design was nice, don't get me wrong. It was just too much. I don't need all that stuff. I need a portfolio that reflects who I am as a person and as a designer/developer/site maker. I need something simpler.

I started sketching something new....

"Maybe I can remove some of the elements, maybe I can use a video and not a gallery of images. Yes, videos could work. Let's do that. Nope, videos are a pain. Don't like it. Screw the video, let's just use a simple screen for now, that seems reasonable. No, I don't like it either. But why though? The layout is nice, the colour scheme is minimal. Ah, I see what the problem is. There's just too much "stuff" in here. Descriptions, links, images. That's not what I like. Also, why do I even have js in here? Let me remove all that. Do I need both an intro text AND an outdo text? I can maybe use only one. Yes, an intro plus a gallery. That should do the trick. But I really don't want to use js. Can I code a slider without js? Let me try... YES! It works! YAY. I can build a fancy and minimal gallery with links and images and no js. That's awesome. Ok, let me put all this together. This is exciting. Ah, you know what? This layout... I don't like it. I mean, it IS nice. I just don't like it. It's not "me". Doesn't really reflect who I am, as a person and as a designer/developer/site maker."

Then it dawn on me: the reason why I don't like these designs is because I already have a design I like. I already have a portfolio, I just didn't realise it until now. It's the site you're seeing right now. The chaos of this blog, the randomness of it all. This is my portfolio. And it's the perfect representation of who I am as a person and as a developer and designer. I'm not the most professional person out there, I'm not a pro developer and I'm definitely not an amazing designer. I learned by trial and error like many others and in the past eight years I coded all sorts of things, the majority of which I'm definitely not proud of. There's no point in showcasing all that stuff. There's no point in having a "proper portfolio". I don't even know if I want to keep doing this for a living so what's the point in spending time polishing a new portfolio for myself?

So there, welcome to my new portfolio. I hope you like it.

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