"Not so quick" update

Hi there. Quick warning before I dive into this one: this is probably not going to be a very interesting posts so feel free to skip it if you find it boring (and do let me know if you find it boring, always nice to hear from you).

Decided to write this quick post to let you know about a few things and mostly to clear up my head about what I’m currently doing and what needs to be done.

Side Projects

I shipped a new version of The Gallery a few weeks back. I remember saying to myself that I wasn’t going to code a new one till next year but couldn’t resist and so I coded this new version during a weekend. Nothing major, just a quick font change and minor layout tweaks. If you’re into web design definitely go check it out and let me know what you think. Also feel free to contribute.

I also managed to give Is Invisible away. That’s also very nice because the site was eventually going to die since neither I nor my brother had the time to keep it going. Glad someone was willing to pick it up and keep it going.

And finally, I coded two new things for this very site/blog/thing. The first one is a portfolio and I know what you’re thinking but I decided to give it a go. The second is a collection of photos. I’m not really that into photography but I don’t mind taking one every now and then and since I shut down Instagram months ago I decided to have some of my pictures here.


In the past few months I also shipped a couple of simple websites for friends and clients. Studio Malisan finally has some of their amazing projects online. This is not a complete site by any stretch of imagination but still better than having nothing. Also coded a fun site for a mountain hut since mom asked me to do it as a favor and you don’t say no to mom. Site is only in Italian for the moment but I’ll add both English and German in the not so distant future. And finally I finished a very fun site for a young architect. The site is not online yet but it will be soon. I had a blast working on it and he’s a very fun guy.

In addition to all this I’m almost done working on a super fun project with Carl of Minimalissimo fame. Can’t wait to have it online. And almost forgot, there’s a new post up on DS, you should go read it before it’s too late and Mike gets tired of all this and decides to shut everything down (just kidding Mike).

Extra stuff

Bonus point: I decided to give Buy Me a Coffee a try and see if it’s something that can work for me. Monetization of content online is a fascinating topic, one I explored more than I probably should in the past. I don’t really want to add ads anywhere on my projects. I don’t really care about monetizing what I do especially because I don’t think it has good quality. But still, if you want to throw some support this way, now you can do it.

I also appreciate if you spend a minute or two to write an email and share something with me. I’m always happy to read what you have to say because at the end of the day human connections is what I appreciate the most in this weird web world (ironic I know).

And that’s it for this quick update. If you make it this far thank you and have a good one.

Where do you go from here?

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