A November without digital entertainment

Another month, another spectacular failure. Ok maybe failure is not the right word here since I learned a few very valuable lessons so in the scope of my experiment this was actually a success. I didn’t manage to go the entire month without digital entertainment. And to be honest with you, I wasn’t even close.

Which is ok because as I said, I learned a useful things about myself. First takeaway from my November experiment is that I need to keep my phone and iPad out my bedroom. If I have one or the other at arms reach while in bed I end up watching videos or reading news. Neither of the two are useful thing to do with my time. So from now on I’ll leave both on my desk.

The other lesson learned is that my self discipline sucks. I was already partly aware of that but I never realized how much I need to work on that aspect of my person. And that’s a very good thing to know about myself. So from now on I’ll try to tweak a few aspects of my life in order to improve my digital consumption.

December is my month without wifi which means I’ll only access the internet using my phone as an hotspot which has a very limited amount of traffic available. So I’ll need to be extremely careful about what I want to do online.

I also decided to start another little experiment to improve my digital life and it’s related to news consumption. In December I must read every article or blog post I open. This is an attempt to force myself to be more aware about what I click on and what content I actually consume and also a training to increase the attention span which I noticed is going down with time. And that’s not ok.

Where do you go from here?

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