An October without phone and tablet

It’s November’s first morning and I can now say I failed October spectacularly. Which is ok since this is not a challenge but more an exploration and an experiment. I started the month well, went without both my iPhone and iPad for the first, I’d say 10 days without much problems.

But then a series of unfortunate events occurred and my self discipline took a serious hit. I got the flu so I was stuck in bed for a few days, work has been terrible in October and that didn’t help either. So I ended up finishing the month using both my devices more often than not. Which, as I said, it’s ok and is something now I’m aware of.

I’m not a heavy user by all means, my phone is not even in the same room where I am most of the time and I use my iPad mainly to watch videos at certain moment of the day (during lunch/dinner and later at night mostly) but the fact that was so hard to stick with this habit tells me something and I’m happy with the result.

I think I’ll try to do this again. But we’re in November now and that means the month without entertainment has begun. No videos, no movies, no podcasts, no books. 2 exceptions: music because I need it when I work and video games, since I already done my month without games and I don’t have anything I want to play anyway. Gonna be fun.

Where do you go from here?

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