On becoming a better designer

Twitter is this weird creation where sometimes you open it and you get some amazing insight into someone's mind and sometimes instead you get tweets like this one:

what a terrible piece of advice this is…

Now, just to be clear, I am no great designer. I don't have an uber portfolio of clients, don't have a carefully curated social presence, don't have a pool to flex or a list of amazing testimonials full of famous people. But despite all that I can safely tell you that that piece of advice is utter bullshit.

Because you don't become a better designer by overanalysing everything. You become a better designer by making content, putting it out there, listening to constructive feedbacks from people and improve over time. You often don't have the tools to realise what is your VERY best. Or you can be an overly critical person by nature and as a result of that terrible piece of advice don't ship a single project in your life. Which is idiotic. So don't listen to that. Instead, do work you're proud of but at the same time be open to constructive criticism from people who have better and/or different experiences and expertise than you.

Where do you go from here?

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