On finding reasons

Like many other things in my life, I stumbled on this job I'm doing seemingly at random. I never planned to become a web developer. It was never a dream or a passion of mine. It just happened. But I never really cared about the job itself if you know what I mean. I never cared about progressing in my career, never cared about finding new challenges. For me, it's just a job. It's something I have to do and for the past 10 years I worked because one way or another I had to earn a living.

It was a somewhat fatalistic way of living life, I have to admit. You do things because you have to and you don't plan ahead because why bother? I never had dreams to work towards and never had concrete plans. It was mostly about working just enough to take care of my needs and then spending time doing things I enjoy in life.

But one thing I learned about life is that it's unpredictable. And the snowball effect is real. You start changing one thing and suddenly you find yourself in a completely different place, both literally and metaphorically, contemplating new work projects with friends, new life goals with loved ones. For years I was just drifting away. Now I'm enjoying following the flow and seeing where it’s gonna take me.