On internet silos

The discussions around the fediverse, Mastodon, centralisation and internet silos have picked up steam again after one Elon Musk finally took charge of Twitter and started doing… things. I'm not going to comment on the current state of Twitter—mainly because I couldn't care less about the platform—but what I am going to comment on is what I think is the inevitable destiny of all these projects. The more I think and read about it, the more I'm convinced that there's no solution to the centralisation issue we're currently facing. And that's because I think that fundamentally people are, when it comes to the internet, lazy. And gathering where everyone else is definitely seems easier. It's also easier to delegate the job of moderating and policing to someone else and so as a result people will inevitably cluster around a few big websites, no matter what infrastructure we build.

And sure, there is always going to be an independent minority that is going to do things their way but it's just that, a minority. The rest of the internet will move along and aggregate around a few big hubs and the issues are gonna be the same.

And in spite of all that, I am still very interested to see what people are going to build in the future.

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