On reading books

I am an odd reader. Books have always been a constant presence in my life but I cycle through reading phases ever couple of years. Now I'm in the "there's nothing more enjoyable than sitting alone and read a book" phase. Why this is happening I have no idea but frankly, I stopped trying to comprehend how my mind works. I do know two things though.

First is that I am very grateful to Jun’Ichiro for recommending a few books to me. I'm enjoying them all and I'll definitely ask for more books on the topic of Japanese aesthetics. So if you're reading this post, thank you again.

Second, I'm enjoying using Literal. It's a lovely site (do we still call it a site? Or is it an app?) and I'm enjoying scrolling through other people's reading lists and discovering books to read. I have a few invites to share by the way, if you're an avid reader and want to give this site a try do let me know. Also please do let me know if you have book recommendations. I'm always on the hunt for the next book to read.

Where do you go from here?

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