On the current decentralisation movement

If you paid attention to tech/web news lately, you might have noticed the abundance of discussions about the idea of decentralising social media. That is mostly as a result of Twitter's erratic behaviour following Musk's takeover of the platform. I am not going to discuss the details of everything that is getting proposed here and if you want to have that discussion feel free to email me but what I want to say is that I honestly don't get it. The more I look at this "issue" the more I'm convinced the solution is already right there and it's called the web. Want to have an unblockable, unbannable user profile? Buy yourself a domain and get a personal website. Want to have a space where you can say and do whatever the fuck you want? Get a webspace and put up a blog. Do you want to keep up with what other people are doing and saying online? Start using RSS or, and this is gonna sound like a very radical idea, bookmark their websites and every once in a while open them in your browser and see what they're up to. Want to also have discussions? Add comments to your website. Don't care about other people's opinions? Don't add comments to your site. I honestly don't get why people are searching for some new technical solution to a problem that in my opinion doesn't exists. Maybe I'm just too dumb to even realise what the problem is. That's certainly a possibility.

Where do you go from here?

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