Passionless Web

I have my issues with the current web. There's something about it that I don't like, but up until now I couldn't quite figure out what that thing was. Yes, we have the constant stream of ads and popups, the ever increasing amount of tracking and the never-ending crap content optimised for search engines. But all that is somewhat manageable. You can install ad blockers, avoid certain sites and learn how to sniff out the SEO nonsense. But what is currently lacking is pure passion projects. The ability to make money on the web is slowly killing the desire to invest time and resources to make sites just for the sake of sharing something you love and enjoy. Because you'd be a fool not to monetise your passion projects right? Well, yes, sort of. I get the overall sentiment but at the same time, I strongly believe people need to get the web back in their hands by making themselves sites to share what they love and enjoy without worrying about money. Running a site is not that expensive. You don't have to have a business plan to run one. Or sell merchandising. Or have a paywall. Make content and publish it on your own site. And also create connections with other people that do the same. Share what you learn, share your successes and your failures. Share your passions, your hobbies. But do it on your own site, with your own voice, at your own pace. Don't let the social media platforms dictate what you should create. Don't let the algorithm tell you you need to make shorts—goddamn I fucking hate shorts. Ignore the numbers; the likes, the views, the engagements, the followers. Share what you love, share what you're passionate about.