Poking around my server logs

Every now and again I download and poke around my server logs to see if there's anything interesting in there. Usually what I'm interested in is if there are new apps or services that are crawling my site and also if there's any IP address that is doing bulk downloads of my content. Since I'm doing it right now, I'm gonna share some data. Maybe you're also running a blog and having more data points is always fun.

Next day edit: since I did a bit more digging promped by an email exchange, I'm gonna share some extra data related to the RSS requests.

What is a resonable number of requests coming from an RSS reader app or service? Reeder for Mac, which is the one I use, can be configured to sync your feed every 5 minutes. 10 days is 14400 minutes so a request every 5 minutes means you can generate 2880 individual requests if you leave your app open asking for new content all day long. Quite a waste IMO.

Are these numbers meaningful in any particular way? I doubt. Still, it's fun to poke around and see what's happening at the server level. If there's anything specific you want to know about my logs let me know.

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