Wait a second, is this a portfolio?

No, of course not, what a silly things to say. This is just a random collection of posts where I talk about projects I worked on. And there are pretty pictures. And links...

Ok ok, you’re right it is a portfolio. And yes, I know what you’re thinking, I said portfolios have problems and I don’t need one. But then I discussed the topic with a couple of friends and finally managed to convince myself to give this portfolio thing a shot.

Who knows, maybe it will work. Anyway, down below there’s a series of posts where I go into the details of some of the sites I made in the past year or so. It’s by no means a complete list and it probably never will be. Still better than nothing though.

Almost forgot, if you don't care about my portfolio and want to go back to the way more serious part of this website, here's a handy link to go back to the homepage.