Quitting social media

We've all seen a blog post or a video titled I quit social media for 30 days. I certainly did and probably you did as well. They're everywhere—especially on social media, which is the funniest part. What's also hilarious is that most of the people who write these posts or make these vlogs are human beings that have spent countless hours of their lives growing their social media presence.

I quit social media years ago. Did I care? No. Should you care? No. Is social as a whole bad? Perhaps. Should you quit social media? Maybe? I guess it depends. Do you spend 5 hours a day on Instagram? Then the answer is probably yes. This is not exactly a complex issue.

Another fun aspect of those blog posts is the lessons learned.

I was spending 4 hours a day on scrolling through my Instagram timeline. Now I have more free time to do things I love.

Yeah no shit. Doesn't take a genius to reach that conclusion. You can substitute social media with pretty much every other time waster and reach the same conclusion.

I was spending 4 hours a day watching paint dry. Now I have more free time to do things I love.

This doesn't sound very insightful, does it? Other common conclusions include:

Also, if you're one of those people who has amassed 5 million followers on some social platform be honest and admit you're probably part of the problem here. There are better ways to share content with people without relying on social media. And if you decide not to do that because you want to reach a bigger audience, then whatever. You do you.

Rant over. Thank you for listening.

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