The world around us is pushing us more and more toward selfishness. Social media itself is—for the most part—a self centered world. How many people have IG profiles filled with selfies? I’d probably say way too many. And I don’t blame people for that. Well, not entirely at least.

Maybe it’s just me noticing this a bit more lately, but it feels as if people are a lot less engaged with the world around them and they don’t really care about their surroundings. And you can see it everywhere when you start paying attention. It’s almost as if everyone lives in their own bubble and everyone and everything outside doesn’t matter to them.

And it’s depressing. At least for me. Because to me, selflessness and respect for others are one of the most important aspects of life. And there’s so much joy to be found in being kind and generous toward other people.

And yet it’s so increasingly rare. People are so surprised when you are kind to them, when you take time out of your life to help them out. Because the expectation is that everyone’s busy and no one has time to help anyone.

But I guess that’s a product of the time we live in. We’re all so hyper-focused on ourselves that we forget we’re sharing the world with others.