Shoes dilemma

I hate shoes. Not as objects, I don't have anything against shoes. I hate them because they're disposable garments. At least that's what sneakers are. As soon as the sole is consumed you have to throw them away, even if the rest of the shoe is still in perfect condition. And that's a bummer. This is why months ago I started to look into resoleable shoes and boy did I fall into a rabbit hole and got lost in there. So lost in fact that I decided to write this post and ask for help because maybe someone out there has some wisdom they want to share with me.

So, here's the situation. As I mentioned, I have worn sneakers pretty much my entire life but I've been thinking about getting a pair of resoleable boots lately and I'm looking for something that has 3 characteristics:

  1. It's resoleable
  2. Has a simple style
  3. It's waterproof

Why those three things you might be wondering. The first one is pretty obvious. The second one is because I plan to use these both when I'm out in nature but also in more casual settings (dining out, client meetings, that kind of stuff) and the third one is because I live in a place where it rains a lot. I know that shoes aren't really waterproof, they're water-resistant at best. I'm not planning to wade a river with these, but I'd love to find something that can resist some rain and wet grass.

The closest thing I found in terms of overall style are the boots made by Thursday Boot Co. but it's my understanding that these don't play well with water so they're off my list. If anyone out there has thoughts on the subject, please get in touch because searching for a pair of shoes is driving me insane.

Where do you go from here?

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