Way too many side projects

2023 Update

All these have been archived or given away.

December 29th update

As a part of my big declutter of 2017 I now have only two side projects left. The Gallery and Is Invisible. Everything else has been either discontinued or given to other people to continue.

If there’s one problem I share with my good friend Rob is the tendency to generate way too many ideas for side projects. I lost track of how many ideas I had in the past few years, ideas for which I bought domains, created emails and Twitter accounts only to then shut down everything 3 months later because the idea was a terrible one. I’m trying to get my shit together on that front and these days I have very few things going on on the side projects front.

The Gallery

The Gallery is probably my most successful side project. Or at least I think it is, I don’t have stats for the site since I removed Analytics more than a year ago and I have no idea how many people visit it on a daily basis.

The Beauty of Space

The Beauty of Space is a hobby more that a side projects. It’s just a Tumblr blog where I post space related images but is doing great and requires very little work which is ideal.

Space Wallpapers

I also made a series of space themed wallpapers for my iPhone and put them up for sale. If you’re interested you can get them for less than 1USD.


DeOwnIt was a fun game I played for a few months with my friend Mattia. We listed all the objects we owned in an attempt to become more aware of the amount of useless crap we all have and we don’t need and use.

In addition to all this I’m helping my friend Mike with his Designed Space.

Mike I promise you the site will go live at some point.

The site is now LIVE! Finally. Go check it out here. And that’s it, these are my current side projects.