Thank you

For what you might ask. Well thank you for even considering using some of your money to support what I do online. The fact that you considered this possibility is something I don't take it for granted so thank you.

There are a couple of way in which you can support me and all the crazy things I do online:

  1. Donate via Donorbox
  2. Buy my theme on Gumroad
  3. Use one of my affilate links
  4. Say thank you


If you want to spend some of your money to support me directly you can do it here:


If you like the design of my blog you can buy it for a few dollars. You can find more information about the theme here and you can buy it on Gumroad.

I also coded a couple of themes for the Minimalissimo Shop. You can find both at


I use a couple of different services and tools to run this blog and my other projects and if you happen to need to use one of them you can use one of my referral links.

    All my domains are purchased and managed on If you need a domain and decide to buy one using my link I'll get a few $$ in return and you'll get a few $$ off your first purchase.
  2. DigitalOcean
    All my sites are hosted on DigitalOcean on a couple of different VPS. If you decide to use their service feel free to use my link and I'll get a couple of bucks to use on my hosting in return.
  3. Kirby
    I absolutely LOVE Kirby. I'm using it for all my projects and I can't tell you how much I love it. If you decide to use it you can buy a license using my referral code and I'll get a nice commission in return. But seriously, you should give it a try because it's an awesome cms. This site runs on Kirby, my gallery runs on kirby, almost all projects I'm coding for friends and clients run on Kirby. I just love it.


Finally, if you can't afford to send a few bucks, just spend a couple of minutes and write me an email to say thank you. Kindness from strangers is always highly appreciated and receiving a nice email makes me feel instantly better.

And that's it. If you have questions of any kind just send me an email and I'll get back to you.