The May Update

May is upon us. Italy, like most of the rest of the world, is slowing trying to go back to normality (whatever that means). And as the world is deciding how to get back together and finally escape the isolation I'm here planning to escape the isolation in search for something even more isolated. If there's one thing this weird situation has taught me is that I need more time away from the screen and away from human beings. So that's my goal for the future: fewer hours in front of the screen and more time outside.

But how about you? Did you learn something new about yourself in the past few weeks? I'm always interested in learning from other people's experiences so hit me up if you have something you want to share. Or send me a link if you have a blog. I'll be happy to read it.

All this isolation is feeling more and more like a social experiment not 100% under control. And if we ignore for a moment the tragic aspects of this mess—and there are quite a few—it's almost fun in a way. Not gonna lie, seeing major players of our daily lives (sport, television networks and the rest) is quite interesting. Everyone is in complete scramble mode to stay relevant.

It's also bizarre to see how incapable TV networks are to produce decent content once you remove all the big studios and the infrastructure. I mean, getting a decent webcam is not rocket science.

Another fascinating aspect is how lonely people are feeling. We're more connected than ever and yet, once forced to stay inside, people started to feel lonely. But just a few months ago, people were glued to their screens even when together in person. Everything is backwards and in a way, it's kinda funny.

Maybe this mess will serve as a moment of reflection for all of us (I highly doubt it...)

As always, I'm more than happy to have a chat with you if you feel lonely or just want to vent your frustration/angry/sadness/whatever. This situation is stressful for everyone so if I can help in some way I'm happy to do it.

myself during a walk while wearing my distinctive grey long sleeve and baseball cap
Someone pointed out to me that there's no picture of me on this site. So there you have it.

Where do you go from here?

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